Neno Macadamia Trust - Activities

  • Supporting cooperatives, smallholder nurseries, infrastructure and training facilities, including:
    - establishing nurseries, tree planting and tree surveys
    - the NESMACSL warehouse and nursery
    - the Neno Vocational Training Centre
    - cooperative warehouse and individual smallholder drying racks
  • Securing resources for the smallholder macadamia industry in Malawi through HIMACUL, including:
    - fairtrade certification and securing trade finance
    - buying macadamia from farmers (nut in shell)
    - sorting, grading and transport to macadamia factory
    - faritrade sales in Europe through Liberation Foods
  • Developing economic, social and environmental activities delivered by HIMACUL for smallholder macadamia farmers, including:
    - agroforestry systems
    - environment protection, soil and water conservation
    - business planning for rural enterprises
    - cooperative training, employment and community development
  • Focused on the services provided by HIMACUL to smallholders, including:
    - elderly farmers growing macadamia as a retirement and inheritance crop
    - training and nutrition for children and young people
    - rural energy and waste management
    - environmental service payment systems

Some activities supported by NMT since 2010:

  • 2015 - 2016: Establishing a tree nursery at Mchinji Home of Hope.
  • Making the Macadamia in Malawi video where a villager rejoiced that her children were so healthy as the result of eating macadamia nuts.
    The same reaction has been heard in Neno where parents are seeing noticeable improvements in their children's school work, with these kernels in their diet. A traditional meal in Malawi often includes ground peanuts, but now in some districts the humble peanut is being supplemented by macadamia. With more than 600 farmers in Neno having trees over 10 years of age, these mature trees have started producing crops of nuts, some of which are consumed at home.
  • 2011: Scottish aid built a fine macadamia nut depot in Neno following which the NESMAC farmers expressed a wish to develop NESMAC into a business in the form of a Co-operative. In 2012 Ken Mkangala as manager of the Highland Macadamia Co-operative Union (HIMACUL) and MoIT Cooperative officers, with support from the Neno Macadamia Trust and the Co-operative college in UK guided NESMAC's transition to Neno Macadamia Cooperative Society Ltd (NESMACSL). This is a development the Trust strongly supports and looks forward to the next stage of developing a viable macadamia business in Neno.

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