Celebrating 20 years of macadamia development

Neno Macadamia Trust has been supporting local farmers in Malawi since 1991.

A timeline of the Neno Macadamia Trust

An initial planting of Macadamia trees 20 years ago has resulted in a sustainable income for a number of local people in an area of Africa that continues to face challenges in local and national development. The Macadamia nut has proven to be a very popular commodity and the income generated by the harvest continues to support local communities in the country.

We want to celebrate two decades of work and encourage more support to allow for further development. All the farming work is undertaken by local people who face a number of practical challenges. Lack of rainfall is a problem but the rural workforce is also under pressure from AIDS which greatly affects productivity. The common story, repeated in many other countries of sub Saharan Africa, is one of rural folk taking on the responsibility of caring for their family's orphans both from towns and countryside areas.

Educated Malawians, with jobs, at one time sent money home to support their families in the village but are now returning with their children once the 'illness' sets in. The effect is two fold - there is a decrease in available labour with the loss of men and women from the household. Furthermore, if the sick are being cared for by surviving adults, then fewer household members are working the land.

Households in Malawi have less money to invest in their livelihood. The short term necessity of feeding and providing medical care for the extended family overtakes the ability of the immediate family to adequately feed and support itself.

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