Macadamia nurseries

Here are photos of macadamia rootstock plants that provide the basis of macadamia nurseries. These have been recently planted in West Malawi (early 2015). Their growth has been very encouraging. See news
Macadamia trees typically can produce nuts in 4 to 5 years but in the right conditions and with care can start bearing fruit within 2 years.
NMT is keen to see how soon and fruitful the trees in West Malawi will be, where traditionally there are less macadamia trees planted.
The need for extensive tree planting, particularly trees, like macadamia, which provide nutritious food is becoming ever more important.

Extensive tree planting will help protect African soil and help reduce the impact of climate change, as well as maintaining its condition and fertility.

Ken describes some of the benefits of growing the tree in this page.

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