The Beginning of NMT


The Emmott family farmed 100 acres of land in Neno between 1953 and 1960. Having no previous farming knowledge, they survived so long entirely due to the integrity of their farm foreman, friend and mentor, Timothy Kanthiti. After the family left Neno, Jim Emmott visited Timothy occasionally and after Jim's death in 1982, David Emmott took over this role. On a visit in 1989, David realised that Neno people had tried to find a long term income from orchards of orange trees, without success. He knew that Macadamia would thrive in Neno and take the place of the failed oranges.

In 1991, sixteen demonstration Macadamia trees were planted in Timothy's garden alongside the main road running through Neno. Timothy acquired Macadamia seed and learned how to grow trees. People passing along the road became interested in this new crop and when it started to yield good income they wanted to be part of it. Timothy was by then in a position to sell young trees. This is the manner in which the development started and in which it continued to grow. The Trust was formed in 2004 to co-ordinate the efforts of supporters of our work with smallholder macadamia farmers.

In 2011 Timothy's grandson Preston is standing next to one of the original trees planted by David Emmott.

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